Editing the next issue of About Place Journal, to be released May 1, 2021.

Geographies of Justice: Call for Submissions

Editor: Alexis Lathem
Assistant Editors: Richard Cambridge & Charles Coe

Open for submissions on December 15, 2020
All submissions are due by March 1, 2021

Geographies of Justice

After four long years, we have scaled the mountain. But beyond mountains, there are more mountains. The Haitian proverb can be read many ways: it can mean that only by surmounting one obstacle can we arrive at a clear view of the next one, that the challenges are never ending. Or, that every challenge is, equally, an opportunity. It can also suggest the ways in which the mountains we face form broader patterns, shaped as they are by the same forces (racism, capitalism) that divide us and erode the basis of future life on Earth.

About Place Geographies of Justice issue seeks work that re-imagines the maps that divide us into the privileged and the disadvantaged, that value some lives more than others; work that exposes systems of medical, environmental, and economic apartheid. We look for work that opens itself to the larger world, that takes the long view, that peels back the maps imposed through historical and ecological violence and shows awareness of who and what was here before. Work that is located in sacred geographies, that has come from the difficult ascent, work that is visionary. Send us your poems, essays, stories, artwork and multimedia born from your ascents and descents, your passage through the hollows of grief, your moments of transcendent vision. Give us the view that will take our breath away.



Recent titles from the Foresty Press.

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