Two Gorges

“When Francis met us at the train station in Labrador City, he had already been driving all night. The Trans-Labrador highway is a tire-shredding gravel track that cuts across the otherwise roadless province, connecting the iron ore mines of western Labrador to the Churchill Falls hydroelectric complex, and further east to Goose Bay on the Atlantic coast…” –Two Gorges: A River Journey, About Place, Political landscapes Issue.



Elizabeth and Francis Penashuae leading our expedition down the Lower Churchill River to Muskrat Falls, August, 1998.

In 1998, following the announcement of a proposal to build the second largest dam complex in the world on Innu land –Nitassinan–in Labrador, I joined a group of Innu leaders to paddle 200 miles of the river, from Churchill Falls to Muskrat Falls. After two decades of protests, the $11 billion dollar hydroelectric project at Muskrat Falls is under construction.


Muskrat Falls. Photo: Sara Sterling.

Gull Island rapids.


Francis lining our canoes over Gull Island rapids.



Lunch break at Lake Winikapau.


The Grand Falls of Labrador. Photo: Andy Brown, National Geographic.

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